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SoFi Low Rates 4

  • Apply for a loan from SoFi
  • Fixed Personal Loan Rates range from 5.49% APR to 14.24% APR (with AutoPay)
  • Auto Pay is defined as making a payment that is automatically directed from the customer’s bank account on a monthly basis

The SoFi Low Rates 4 promotion is subject to change at anytime and applicants will need to provide the confirmation number in order to start the loan application.  The SoFi confirmation number can be found on the promotional mailing from SoFi in the top right hand corner of the letter (applicants will also have to provide their zip code).  Rates associated with Sofi.com/LowRates4 will be based on items such as term of loan, annual income, a responsible financial history, years of experience (the older the better), and other credit factors.  In order to qualify for a personal loan form SoFi the applicant must be a legal US resident and 18 years of age or older.  Please note that not all borrowers will receive the lowest rate and most will fall somewhere in between.  Those who fail to meet SoFi’s underwriting requirements and want to beef about it over the phone can call (855) 456-7634 or Tweet their displeasure to Tweet  (those who are turned down by SoFi may want to try DRB, Earnest, or Prosper.  Applicants can borrow up to $50,000 pending their credit check and SoFi will never charge origination fees or pre-payment penalties.

SoFi Low Rates 4 Notes

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  • A must for consumers who are paying more than 9% interest on their credit card debt
  • SoFi will offer job search assistance for applicants who are approved and at some point lose their job
  • Some borrowers may improve their credit score by more than 15 points

Borrowers who would like to reach SoFi by US Mail can write to: One Letterman Drive Building A, Suite 4700 San Francisco, CA 94129.  Current SoFi mortgage customers looking to speak to a customer service agent can call (844) 763-4466.


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  1. www.sofi.com/lowrates4