What is Carfax?

CARFAX is a system for collecting information about the history of vehicles registered in the United States. Using a unique 17-digit vehicle identification Number (VIN) recorded on the dashboard and vehicle documents, CARFAX creates a detailed report for any used vehicle.

CARFAX has information that may influence your decision to purchase a used vehicle. The CARFAX report may include:

  • The name, including the legacy marking
  • Was the car damaged by floods
  • A complete history of accidents and damages
  • Participation in criminal cases
  • Results of state inspections
  • Number of owners
  • Records of technical inspection. Is the car pawned or not
  • Whether used as a taxi, whether rented or leased.

Unfortunately, officially the opportunity to use this service for free will not work. But there are several services such as Vincheck.info that purchase an account on CARFAX and provide verification for free.

CARFAX information is provided in the form of vehicle history reports - all important events that happen to the vehicle in the United States or Canada. It is necessary to understand that the CARFAX system is a huge database where is information about almost all cars located in the United States and Canada flows.

Information in the CARFAX system comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DMV CA) (DMV-Department of Motor Vehicles), police departments, traffic police, service stations, auto shops, auctions. CARFAX service has been working since 1982 and has already become an integral part of the USA car market. The CARFAX database contains more than 4 billion records. CARFAX, of course, can not report everything about a particular car, but the CARFAX report, together with a test drive and inspection of an experienced mechanic. This is the best protection for the buyer when buying a used car.